Pence, Personal Responsibility, and Babies

This blog post really resonated with me tonight (found here: Blog Response to Pence Tweet Quote ). As the parent of a child who is medically fragile, I have similar anger towards our current representatives in Washington. What kind of monster writes this:

Personal responsibility? Lets talk about personal responsibility. Lets talk about how I did every thing (EVERY THING) I could to have a healthy pregnancy. I walked. I ate healthy foods (even though they did not stay down). I drank water. I gave up coffee. I have never done drugs. I took my prenatal vitamins even though they made me sick. Through no fault of my own, I developed a life threatening condition and had to deliver my poor, innocent daughter early. Oops, my bad. Please. Let me take responsibility for my liver, kidneys, heart, and other valuable organs failing while my daughter fought to live with only partial flow of the umbilical cord to provide for her development.

She’s a BABY. She worked really hard just to be on this planet after being early, and now you want to tell me that she, and through reality, our family, has the personal responsibility to go BANKRUPT for her care? That we have a responsibility as a family to lose our house, our heirloom items, and other things that we have worked so hard to achieve because of something that neither she nor I had ANY control over? Well, Mr. Vice President, you are a heartless, cold, conniving, mean spirited, terrible human being.

You have NO idea what it is like raising a medically fragile baby. You have no conception of how necessary the services like occupational therapy, speech therapy, and nutritionists are to children like my precious little fighter. By cutting her services now, you are essentially condemning our family to a lifetime of medical debt to ensure her success – but only for as long as we can afford it. Eventually, the credit lines run out and the ability to tap funds disappears, leading to bankruptcy. Then, her necessary services end, and what? She just gets to struggle to develop? You realize then that you are losing a possibly amazing resource that you could have had to benefit the country. Denying helpless babies valuable services at young ages through cutting medicare is essentially creating an entire segment of the population that could have been independent, hard working citizens, but instead, they are helpless and dependent upon a bankrupt family and a uncaring society that looks upon them with disdain.

You call yourself a Christian? You disgust me.


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