Springing Out: Ending Winter’s Quarantine

As cold and flu season wraps up here in the Southeastern United States, we have begun adventuring out into the great beyond, meaning out of our home. Its exhilarating. After nearly 7 months of almost total isolation, the sunshine, birds, and plants seem so awe inspiring. Our daughter’s reaction is sweet. She loves watching her doggies play in the backyard, and she has become more tolerant of the sun. I won’t go as far as saying that she ‘enjoys’ sunlight. We might reach that point some day. She loves motion, and it usually causes her to sleep well. Her stroller naps are nearly double her crib naps in length, and that itself is an inspiration to get out there and walk.

So far, we have adventured to a local park and to an outdoor cafe. She had a lot of fun at the park with her fellow preemie friend, and she got her first try in the swings. While she barely fit in the seat (almost slipping through the holes, haha), she loved them. We know what to get her for her birthday this year!

When I was in the elevator to go to a doctor’s office with her in the carrier, a lady in the elevator remarked on my daughter, “Aw! What an adorable baby!” (She should have stopped there, and I might not have been filled with ire) “How old is she, weeks?” I uncontrollably guffawed. This, my first interaction with a stranger after having our daughter, told me how much of future interactions will probably go… I explained that she was 9 months old. Then the lady said, “Wow! She’s tiny! Is she a preemie baby?” The stupidity and ignorance. I explained, once again, that indeed, she was a very early baby. The stupidity continued, “Oh. Well does she have issues, then?” I could not believe how invasive and ignorant this woman was! I explained that our daughter was fine, and thankfully the elevator reached our floor where we exited quickly to avoid more interaction.

Yes our daughter is TINY, but she is HEALTHY. My sister said it best, PEOPLE. DO NOT COMMENT ON OTHER HUMAN BEINGS’ BODIES. IT IS RUDE. If you’re a stranger, just keep your comments on the adorableness and back away. Nothing more is needed. You could always just keep your comments to yourself, too. Photo Apr 20, 11 01 11 AM




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