Babies Can’t Wait, Feeding Clinics, Nutrition, and Bottles

When you’re an expecting parent, you might register for some bottles because they are the trendy thing to do. Before we had our daughter, I thought that glass bottles seemed like the way to go. Luckily, no one got us the LifeFactory starter kit that I wanted. Odd, how God watches out for you in the weirdest ways. We tried Tommee Tippee. While our daughter can put her lips around just about anything (seriously – teething much? Hello Sophie the Giraffe!), the hospital introduced us to Dr. Brown’s. They are great bottles. No. Really they are. There are many reasons to use them, but for us, they just happen to be a medical necessity. They help prevent our daughter from having gas, colic, and to get ALL of the vitamins that she needs. We recently had an issue with them leaking, even though we hadn’t gone over the ‘magic line’ at the top. Since we have to hold the bottle level with the ground instead of at a 45′ angle like some of the “how to use Dr. Brown’s Bottles Without Leaking” advice pages I read, I figured out we just needed to get the bigger version of the bottle to prevent leaking the priceless milk. We got these pink, big girl bottles from Amazon.

81j1wf0up6l-_sx522_Using these bottles stopped the leaking we were experiencing, so onward and upward with Dr. Brown’s. By the way, if you’re having an issue with them leaking check out this blog: How to Keep Dr. Brown’s Bottles from Leaking

Since we were discharged, we have had to go to the feeding clinic twice so far. Once was just to have our daughter evaluated to see if she needed another swallow study. The speech therapist at the feeding clinic didn’t see the need for another one and encouraged us to just keep doing what we were doing as far as feeding therapy at home to overcome her oral aversion. The second visit was to evaluate her for going to a level 1 nipple and to see if she was ready to transition to solids. Not surprisingly at all, they recommend that we hold off until she was 8 months adjusted (which means 1 month shy of her actual first birthday). So for now, we’re still chugging the concentrated milk milk.

Speaking of which, I never updated what formula we ended up supplementing with here. In addition to however much breastmilk I can give her, we make a concentrated version of Gerber Good Start Gentle for Supplementation (Non-GMO). 81np51y9qel-_sx522_in its 24 calorie version we blend it with my breastmilk to bring it to a total 22 calories. Its thickness keeps her from aspirating on the mixture, and it provides her with the amount of calories she needs while still getting the nutrients and benefits of my breastmilk.

Because of her feeding difficulties, the Babies Can’t Wait program has declared that she has an adaptive delay in regards to her feeding delay. Her oral motor skills are really bad in the morning. They are so lacking on her first bottle that I have to give her cheek support for her to finish a reduced volume bottle. Right now she’s using her tongue to accomodate her weak latch/sucking. She won’t take a pacifier, and she won’t suck on individual fingers. We are hoping that an OT can help her figure out how to develop stronger cheek muscles and a better, more efficient latch on the bottle.



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