Cold & Flu Season Quarantine: Both the Best and Worst Option

Everyone knows that being a parent means sacrificing. When your preemie leaves the NICU around cold and flu season, you are instructed that for your child to thrive without sickness, you should seclude yourself from large crowds and restrict visitation to your home. While this seclusion/quarantine is an effective method at preventing those life threatening ailments to our little warrior princess, it REALLY SUCKS for the parents. I was fine until this week, really. I managed to distract myself with Christmas Movies, Junk Food, and the normal every day business that comes with raising a tiny infant (exclusively pumping, making caloric dense formula, blending a specific amount together, charting all foods taken in and pees/poops). However Christmas Eve and Christmas, I cried for the first time in a while. I REALLY miss my family. It is so hard to be away from them on such a special day. While she won’t remember her first holidays except through seeing the pictures, I will remember how I had to spend time with our family through FaceTime and eating the wonderful, tasty meal that my mom so lovingly created and dropped off for us to eat. I will remember how excited she was to spend time in her jump jump that my parents got her but they could not see. I will remember how happy I was just to see them for the 2 minutes that they were in my driveway to pick up the cinnamon rolls and pictures I had for them. So when people complain that they haven’t seen more or that they miss us, just know that this is just as painful for us as it is for those who are missing us. Its just the best thing for our little fighter. She’s the most precious gift that we received this year, and the sacrifice we’re making for her safety is the best thing we can do for her until this cold and flu season is over. 15672826_10100118215342878_3591955441322099391_n


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