Its Not a Milk Stash. Its a Milk Reservoir.

I have now been exclusively pumping for 12 weeks and 1 day. I can count the number of times I have gotten to attempt breastfeeding on 1 hand. I am determined to make this work until our daughter is at least 6 months and weaning onto baby foods.I spend about 15-16 hours at my house, and I spend about 8-9 hours at the hospital every day. I hand over what I pump at the hospital to the milk technicians in sterile bottles labeled with my QR code for expressed breast milk. They add it to the queue for use for Abigail’s 53mL feeds every three hours. Occasionally, the hospital will burn through my hospital stash, and they will ask me to bring in milk from home. Our freezer has about one month’s worth of milk in the freezer. I have it labeled with the dates and times pumped. I also have to label any medications that I may have taken that would be in the expressed milk. Usually, that line is blank. On the days that I deliver milk to the hospital, I get out my thermal freezer bag that I used as a flight attendant, stuff an ice pack I got  for physical therapy that stays cold for hours and hours into the bottom, load in the milk bags (I use Lansinoh Storage bags because they are sterile and double seal), then I pile a freezer pack on top of the milk and haul it to the hospital as quickly as possible. I am really proud of this “stash” that I have made at home. I know that eventually our daughter will burn through it with her growing appetite, but at least I have enough to cover dips in supply from hormone fluctuations and while we work on getting the whole breast feeding thing down. I use gladware containers to organize the milk and make it easier to sort by dates. It also aides in the shifting of the milk around in the freezer when we have to make space for foods that require freezing.


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  1. Messy Wawa says:

    Amazing. Excellent work mama!


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