This time, hormones really are to blame.

I have been exclusively pumping for almost 3 months now because our daughter has medical issues that preclude her nursing – for now. She still gives it her best shot, so I am giving it my best shot to keep my milk supply in until she can get to it. I have been doing great, and then this week I noticed a dip in my supply. I went through my check list: drinking plenty of water (check), eating plenty of calories (check), getting 5-6 hours of sleep (check). Then I realized what happened. Oh! Hello, Aunt Flo. I didn’t think you’d be around for a while longer since I was breastfeeding pumping. After reading my favorite exclusive pumper’s blog (found here for anyone who is curious: Exclsuive Pumping Blog), I realized that my lady cycle was impacting my milk supply. This is so frustrating. Apparently women who have to exclusively pump get their visit from their favorite aunt a lot earlier than women who get the luxury of nuzzling and nursing their little one whenever so much as a whimper escapes their cute little mouths. Let me get this straight, Mother Nature, not only did I not get to have a natural child birth or have a successful breastfeeding relationship (yet), but I also have to deal with THIS now, too?! Oh well.

Now it is time to battle the supply drop, so I am now drinking Mother’s Milk Tea and eating lactation cookies. Oatmeal and this tea have a reputation for helping boost supply. I tried taking fennel, but that is the most disgustingly similar taste to licorice I have had in a long time. I can’t stomach it. Its disgusting! I also have boosted my calcium intake. Here’s hoping that it can assist my endeavors to keep providing my milk for our daughter.



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