Bottle Testing for Our Preemie

Contestant #1: Tommy Tippee Closer to Nature Preemie Extra Slow Flow Nipple.



  1. The shape of the nipple attempts to mirror the shape of a human breast.
  2. The extra slow flow nipple does a good job of limiting the amount of fluid (aka the baby does not get flooded out and choke).
  3. The bottle’s shape is easy to hold.
  4. After one feeding, the baby did not seem to have any gas or excessive sucked in air.
  5. The bottle’s wide opening makes it easy to clean.


  1. The required procedure to hold the bottle for feeding a super preemie like our baby makes it nearly impossible to view if milk is in the nipple or not while holding it in the sideline position.
  2. The shape of the bottle while held in sideline captures the milk and prevents it from being sucked into the nipple by the baby, regardless of the baby’s efforts.
  3. The wide sized base of the nipple that attempts to mimic a human breast makes it difficult for a preemie’s small mouth to seal on the nipple.

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