Our baby’s GI system moves on the slow side. When our neonatologists started giving her even more fortified milk with addition iron supplements, her system screeched to a halt. She was clearly working on something; her grunts and oxygen desaturation coincided with her little scrunch face. However, it was to no avail – all morning long all she had were poop tracks in her diaper, but nothing of consequence. Murmurs of suppositories and rectal stimulation started to happen. I started to think, “oh god, here comes another set back caused by food…” Then the Occupational Therapist came in. My god – these people are like poop magicians. She came in and gave our baby a belly massage and some pelvic twists. Afterwards, her nurse and I were changing her diaper and getting her ready for skin to skin Kangaroo care. I (idiotically) decided to stand in front of her radiant warmer bed, perfectly placed for #poopfest. I opened up little miss’ diaper, and she had left some goodies in there, finally. I was happy to see poop. I did not realize that she had a double dose to provide us with. All of a sudden, I saw a yellow green explosion hitting everything in the room. I had no idea a baby of 4 pounds 6 ounces could make such a mess! It obviously got ALL over me (haha!) – without a change of clothes at the hospital (won’t make that mistake again!). She shot it clear across the room. It got all over her bed. It was so big that it became called Code Brown. Other nurses came in to help our nurse change her bedding, mop the floor. Meanwhile, we all made poop jokes and laughed at the circumstances. It felt so great to have a genuine laugh. It still makes me laugh even just thinking about it. img_6628


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