It Takes A Village

While being a NICU parent is something that I would never wish on anyone, I must state for the record that the support and kindness for NICU parents is amazing. Our friends and family have been so supportive and uplifting. At times it is a little overwhelming how generous and loving people have been for us. Additionally, there are so many resources on the internet to support parents of preemies and babies that need extra support at birth and their families. I came across an organization called Preemie Prints (link here for Preemie Prints) . Its this sweet non-profit that provides photography for NICU families for FREE. At first thought, I spurned the idea of getting a professional photography session of our baby while she was in the NICU. I wanted to be able to flush and forget the stress, pain, and heartbreak of the NICU. However, as our journey has continued, my opinion has changed. I wanted to get the pictures done as a testament of our baby’s strength, perseverance, and our hope that she would grow. I worked with this non-profit to find a photographer that could help us, and I arranged for the photographer to come to the NICU to take our baby’s pictures with us. The amazing thing here is that many of the partner photographers have had children go through the NICU. Therefore they are sympathetic to the NICU parent plight in addition to knowing what to capture in their photographs in a NICU session. The results from our photoshoot are amazing. I am so, so, so happy that I took this step. Our baby’s passage through the NICU is now documented with beautiful, high quality photographs that we can cherish for ever. Someday, we can show her really how tiny she was in pictures that actually show the true colors of her and the room she was in rather than the poorly lit iPhone pictures we take every day. Thank you Preemie Prints for helping me to see the brighter side of the NICU in life and in our pictures.


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