Blurred Edges of Mommahood

This is a blog about parenting a micro-preemie born at 27 weeks of gestation. It starts with her birth. It also includes details about our struggles with breastfeeding, finding a formula to supplement for her, dealing with GERD, dealing with the emotional trauma that comes from giving birth so early, handling all the ups and downs that happened in the NICU and all the specialists that we had to visit after her discharge.

Why I named the blog Blurred Edges of Mommahood

When our daughter first arrived, I found that the lines of being a parents get very muddled in the NICU. All of the “firsts” usually happen with medical professionals or while you are away for the night. Also, you’re so mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted that everything blurs together. This feeling seems to stick around even one you have left the NICU. Thus, I came up with the title.